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    Thinking of Buying a Home and Need Meth Testing?

    Find out how a simple methamphetamine test could save your health and your investment.

    Exposure to methamphetamine can have lasting health effects. Often there may not be red flags or any signs of meth contamination, that is why having the home tested is the most effective way to identify if it is contaminated from meth use or cooking.

    Frequently asked questions about meth by home buyers and real estate agents:

    No, the majority of homes contaminated from methamphetamine comes from use and does not leave behind any noticeable odors.

    While staining may be visible where cooking has taken place, the consumption of meth does not leave stains or discoloration in the home. In some cases there is no staining even if a meth lab was present.

    Painted over or blacked-out windows. Graffiti in a particular room or the garage. Extra security measures on doors, such as exterior doorknobs, padlocks, or other extreme measures to keep people out of a particular room or section of the home.

    While it is more commonly found in these areas and rental units, there have been multi-million dollar homes that have tested positive for meth contamination. Abra Mold Removal can perform the restoration needed to make them safe.

    Health risks can range from skin irritation, allergy type symptoms, and excessive and unexplained nose bleeds to behavioral and neurological disorders in children. There are also known carcinogens in meth that can cause cancer to those exposed.

    Yes. An experienced contractor with a proven track record will be able to decontaminate the home and make it safe for residency.

    Only in extreme cases does drywall need to be removed. An experienced contractor will be able to tell if the home has low enough levels of meth and will know how effectively decontaminate a property.

    No! While this temporarily encapsulates the contamination, in time the residue will bleed through all paints and primers. Painting is not only unsafe, but it is not allowed in Utah as a form of decontamination.

    Health departments should always be notified of ALL decontamination activities before the start of any clean-up. They will monitor the cleaning method and clearance process to determine if the property has been adequately cleaned.

    You should contact your local health department for decontamination guidelines but it is recommended that you hire a licensed meth clean-up contractor for best results.

    Have a home that is already contaminated with meth? All is not lost.

    If you recently found out that your home is contaminated with meth, whether from the use of meth or meth-cooking, Abra Mold Removal can help. We will effectively clean and decontaminate your home and make it safe once again for residency.

    Contact Abra Mold Removal today for a simple meth test on your home or for the clean-up of a meth-contaminated property. With the proper cleaning and disposal, your property can become habitable once more.



      Great team! They came and cleaned up my mother-in-laws house in a very professional way. All the guys were respectful of the property and did a great job cleaning! Highly recommend this company to anyone!

      Daniel Livingston

      Shane responded quickly, thoroughly assessed the situation, and brought a large team to help him quickly and thoroughly clean our home. He reviewed their work with me to make sure everything was satisfactory. All involved were professional and courteous. Thank you!

      Joseph Gatton

      Awesome company! We needed our house cleaned of dangerous chemicals due to prior tenants and Abra Mold Removal were able to come out immediately and take care of the problem. They were very professional on the phone as well as in person and solved our issue with a quality cleaning job. Outstanding work!

      Jeremy Metzger

      Very responsive and knowledgeable. They are also affordable compared to others in the industry. Locally owned and operated, and very easy to work with. Highly recommend

      Juli Facer Scarbrough

      I'm a property manager and I have worked with Abra Mold Removal on a variety of projects. I work with many vendors and contractors and AMR is incredibly responsive, thorough and their pricing is always fair. I have the utmost confidence in them and I know when I send a work order to them, I can consider it handled. They are pros in their field and I highly recommend their services.

      Jonathan Neviaser

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